Kickstart your Morning with These Immunity Boosters

Lovneet Batra, clinical nutritionist and author shares the best home-made super drinks to help you fight viruses and keep you healthy

Amidst the pandemic, Immunity became the buzzword, with people around the globe frantically looking for remedies to boost immunity in order to fight viruses and stay healthy. “Our immune system works under a delicate balance, it needs to stay active enough to fight an unwanted infection but not so strongly that it harms our own cells. Luckily for us, in our desi kitchens we can find just the right foods to support our immunity naturally,” says Lovneet Batra, clinical nutritionist and author of the recently launched book 50 Desi Super Drinks,which is based on balanced delicious drink recipes that can be made in minutes at home from spices which also boost your health and immunity. She shares a few effective drinks that you can make in a jiffy

Masala Chai

'Masala Chai is that Indian drink that is, more often than not, overlooked in favour of its counterpart, Green tea. Did you know that our masala chai is not just loaded with polyphenols called theaflavins that promote cardiovascular health, but is also inherently antibacterial. Combined with the flu fighting ginger, tulsi, cardamom and black pepper, this desi super drink is a delicious warming elixir that will keep infections at bay. Enjoy daily but limit yourself to two cups a day.'



'Our gut health and immune system are directly connected through trillions of microbes that reside in our colon. These microbes are key to maintaining immune system balance and self-tolerance to avoid autoimmunity. Kanji is a delicious, vegan, probiotic made by fermenting beetroots and carrots with mustard seeds to nourish the beneficial gut bacteria. This anti-inflammatory drink is another great source of antioxidants and helps build an alkaline environment to tackle the acidosis in the body caused by consuming toxins day in and out in various forms. Carotenoids, polyphenols, vitamins- you name it, this drink has everything to boost your immune health without making a hole in your pocket! Have kanji every morning on an empty stomach to reap maximum benefits.'

Rose Goat Milk with Sabja Seeds

'Goat milk is a protein rich substitute to cow milk and it is closer to the properties of human breast milk than bovine milk! It is in fact recommended as the first protein to be given to infants after weaning them off breast milk. It helps counter diarrhea, vomiting, disturbances in the gut and regular consumptions leads to strengthening the immune system against cold, cough and flu. It has A2 proteins and the Immunoglobins that make it easy to be digested by infants and young kids. This combination is also a source of anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids that strengthen our immunity. Have rose goat milk with sabja seeds for strong immunity.'

Mulethi and Fennel Karha

'Mulethi or licorice and fennel or the humble sauf have long been hailed as one of the top contenders of immunity boosters in Ayurveda. They help in soothing the throat when you suffer from chronic cold and cough. This drink helps decongest the chest more effectively. It helps reduce the phlegm and is very good at tackling the effects of sinusitis. Have this concoction every day in the morning on an empty stomach.'

book cover

Cover of the book 50 Desi Super Drinks


'Colostrum is a drink that can heal from within. The hormones and growth factors present in colostrum help restore the damaged intestinal lining and regenerate intestinal tissues at cellular level to reduce symptoms of IBS. The proline rich protein in colostrum inhibits the overproduction of lymphocytes and T cells to reduce pain, swelling and infection. The Lactoferrin minimizes the permeability of the gut lining due to the viral and bacterial infections. Start by having 10g of colostrum in the morning.'


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