Here's How to Create a Picture-Perfect Wedding Tablescape

From adding a personal touch with monogrammed details to incorporating earthy, eco-friendly elements, two wedding planners share ideas on how to upgrade a table setting.

Once you have ticked the top priorities off your wedding checklist—from the bridal ensemble to narrowing down on a photographer and selecting the colour palette for the décor—it is time to shift your attention to the finer details. Let’s talk table manners.

“As you begin planning your table setting, ensure that it complements the existing theme or colour scheme of the space,” says Rahul Kumar, Director, Vivaah Celebrations. He adds, “The most effective way to make an impression is to differentiate between the colours that work during the day and those that will stand out at an evening function.” According to Rahul, the choice of fabric for the table—cotton, silk, sheer, or velvet—sets the base for the décor elements that sit atop, all of which should follow a common theme. “Whether it is abstract art or a classic motif, pick a continuous theme that allows your guests to have an immersive experience.” 

A table centrepiece featuring white roses, white chrysanthemums, and lit candles, set on a mirror base

Vibrant marigold flowers stacked along with gypso flowers and mogra sticks

Extravagant tabletop vases featuring cream and pink-hued flowers, set against translucent acrylic furniture

The ‘Tree of Life’ centrepiece decorated with gypso flowers and dangling crystals

White chrysanthemums and pink daisies wrapped around a crystal chandelier tabletop

Jueta Hemdev, Director, Yolo Entertainment & Weddings adds, “These days, couples often select a palette and theme that spell sophistication: from royal red and striking gold to an enchanting forest theme with foliage, light bulbs, and chandeliers. Besides, personalisation is the best way to create an experience that stands apart.” Jueta recommends including monogrammed wedding menus, cutlery, napkins, chair back-ties, and place cards to add a personal touch to the space.

“Plus, thematic props—such as feathers, extravagant floral arrangements, stackedup fruit, pearls, and candles—make for a statement table centrepiece,” she adds. For a more natural appeal, Rahul recommends the trend of using earthy tones and wild décor elements such as pampas grass, potpourri, and raw wooden accents, all of which are a step in the direction of sustainability.

A floral table runner and vases with an assortment of red-hued flowers

A mirror centrepiece featuring white roses and lush greens, set against the majestic Umaid Bhawan Palace

A quirky kaleera chandelier tabletop for a Haldi function

A bunch of white roses on clear cylinder vases, set on a mirror base




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