The best gifts to give your husband—and how to make it extra special!

You can’t go wrong with these foolproof ideas.

Irrespective of what your love language is, exchanging gifts is something that brings people great joy. The fact that someone thought about what you might like or appreciate, and took the effort to get you a gift that makes you happy, is what makes this such a wonderful and gratifying experience. In fact, even the whole process of gifting something to your loved one, especially your partner, is incredibly special. After all, you’re taking time out to figure what they like and what best expresses your feelings for them.

In fact, gift-giving is as natural to us as breathing. It started even before human civilisation existed, as chimpanzees would often bring food as a gift to mates they’d want to attract. Even tribes used to practise gifting as a sign of affection. Egyptians were one of the first civilisations to practise gifting as a way of marking special occasions. They would offer crops, flowers, grains and jewellery. Even cats like to bring you a gift to show their gratitude—well, it’s often a dead rat or bird but it’s the gesture that counts, right? 

In romantic relationships, we love giving our partners a small (or big) offering that shows our love for them. And while it’s the thought that counts, you’d want the gift to be of their liking and use!

If you’re looking to surprise your husband, here are a few ideas for gifts he might appreciate! 


Daniel Wellington's Classic Mesh Onyx Watch, ₹19,799


Gifting your husband a watch symbolically says that you are offering him the most precious gift ever—your time! It’s meaningful and depending on your partner’s preference, you can either gift a classic timepiece or a multi-tasking smart watch that says you care about his health and even to-do lists.

Make it special: with a classic timepiece, many brands offer you the choice to get your spouse’s initials engraved. You can also get a customised strap for your husband’s brand-new smart watch! 


Make Your Own Perfume's Party Smart (Personalised), ₹2,799


Scents have been blamed for several instances of spontaneous make-out sessions and rightly so!  So, how about getting your partner a perfume, something you’d like to smell on his neck? Woody and spicy notes are found attractive by most women. 

Make it special: leave a small (but naughty!) note describing what the perfume makes you feel. This gift is really for you! You can also get him a custom perfume featuring his favourite scent notes.


Coffeeza Finero Next Coffee Machine + Milk Frother, ₹22,998


Is there a gadget or certain equipment your husband has been wanting for a while now? A Kindle for a voracious reader, a coffee machine for a Javaphile, a new iPad for someone who is always on the go or a new game for a gaming enthusiast—these are great options that will bring joy to your partner. 

Make it special: it’s all about how you present it to him. Give him a mug with your picture on it, along with the coffee machine. If you’re giving an iPad, you can make your own picture the wallpaper or one of you both that’s a favourite memory. 


Manvār Private Camp in Rajasthan, price on request


Some of the best gifts are actually experiences—a hiking trip, glamping or a spa day. Give your husband the gift of memories and experiences that you will both cherish.

Make it special: plan something romantic and preferably pick an experience that he has always wanted to do.


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