"I Have Realised the Importance of Finding a Partner With Whom You Can Be Yourself": Sonakshi Sinha

Brides Today covergirl has an intimate conversation about what she wants in her ideal partner, her views on marriage, body positivity, and more...

Brides Today: What state of mind are you in currently?

Sonakshi Sinha: I am feeling very peaceful. I have been spending time with myself, getting to know myself better, and I think it is wonderful to do. One doesn’t get the time to do that usually, we are so busy running around. You don’t get to step back and evaluate yourself, your life and what you are doing, your hopes and dreams... So, I am in a good space. I try and keep myself as positive as I can, to make the most of the situations I have been thrown into...we are all in the same boat so one can’t complain, especially when you see that you have it better than so many people. The most important thing you can do is keep yourself positive at this point.

BT: And it was your birthday a couple of weeks ago... What was that like, to celebrate a second birthday in lockdown?

SS: I wasn’t very happy about it [laughs]. But if I can’t control something, I don’t worry too much about it. I have never been much of a ‘big birthday bash’ person, really... I prefer to be surrounded by my closest people. Last year, when we weren’t able to do that, I had a Zoom party where everybody came online and wished me. But this time, four of my closest friends came over, and I spent time with my family. So it was really, really nice. And that is exactly the way I like it, so no complaints.

BT: As you have grown older, having met more people and understanding things differently, has your perception of love changed? What does love mean to you now?

SS: It boils down to comfort. As I have got more comfortable with myself over the years, I have realised the importance of finding a partner with whom you can be yourself, and enjoy the silences with, too. There is comfort in knowing that even if you fight, your partner will be there for you. You should be as comfortable with the other person as you are with yourself. It has taken a while to get to this point... When you are younger, you tend to please people or live up to their expectations. You keep trying to fit the ‘perfect picture’. But now I know, that is not what love is all about.  

BT: And what is Sonakshi like, when she is in love?

SS: I am very happy. I am a complete romantic. I love being in love and I feel that the kind of love that liberates you is the best kind of love...one that lets you be free, lets you be yourself. I feel like when I have someone to share that with, I am contented. 

BT: What traits do you look for in a perfect partner?

SS: Honesty is a top priority. Only a person who is honest with himself can be honest with their partner. If my partner feels that I am at fault or that I need to improve myself in any way, I would love them for being upfront. I would truly appreciate it. Then, of course, I would appreciate a sense of humour. I am easily amused and I love to laugh...I mean, who doesn’t?! And then, there is integrity. These would be my top three qualities... 

BT: And what are your deal-breakers?

SS: Lying. By that, I obviously don’t mean a tiny one, but something big like, perhaps, cheating. That would be a complete deal-breaker for me. I also pay attention to how people treat those who cannot do much for them... Not treating another person nicely or kindly reflects a person’s character, in my opinion.

BT: Tell us, what is your typical Indian wedding style like, when you attend functions?

SS: I go all out! I may wear a sari or a lehenga-choli or a sharara... There are so many options to wear to an Indian wedding, and I have worn them all! I don’t have one go-to style, but I definitely like to be comfortable when I am attending a wedding. Especially if it is a friend’s wedding, where I want to dance and have a blast. If I can wing a pair of kolhapuri chappals underneath a sharara, I will totally do that!  

BT: Is there any particular wedding that has been most memorable for you?  

SS: Honestly, in the last 10 years since I began working, I have barely attended five or six weddings, because I am not really a ‘wedding person’. Unless the bride or groom is very close to me, I don’t wish to be involved. I tend to think, “I am very happy for you, thank you very much, I will send you a gift and flowers but spare me the trouble”. So, I have only attended the weddings of those I am closest to and they have all been truly memorable. When it is someone you know intimately, you get more involved and share in their joy a lot more...you are not going there just to watch people enjoy the buffet. My brother’s wedding was amazing as well. I was involved in all the details, and I knew all the guests. Both my best friends got married around five years ago, and their weddings were beautiful. One of them married in Bangkok—it was the first destination wedding that I attended. Your best friend’s wedding is always so special… 



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