An Easy Guide to Creating Space in a Small Apartment

An expert tells you how to optimize each and every space in your small apartment and make every item easily accessible

If you think that the space in your small apartment is not enough to accommodate all your belongings and you struggle to find things on a daily basis then do know that you are not alone. There are many who struggle to make space in their apartments. To help you out from this tight spot, we spoke to Rohini Rajgopalan, a certified professional organiser and Founder of Organise with Ease. She shares tips on how you can optimize each and every space in your small apartment and make every item easily accessible.

1. Instead of a regular coffee table, use a chest that has plenty of storage in it. You can store items that are not used on a daily basis such as board games or vases or even cake stands.

2. A pouf with storage is a great idea rather than regular chairs with zero storage. You can easily store travel pouches or cloth/plastic bags as it’s also easily accessible.

3. Use a dining table that’s collapsible. You can easily have a 4- or 6-seater table when you have guests over but convert the table into a 2-seater after the guests leave giving you plenty of space to move around.

4. Sofa cum beds have been a big rage lately due to its versatility. Remember to have one that is comfortable and also has storage within it. You can store all your linens within it.

5. If you already have a bed with storage then use this space effectively. Rather than just dumping things, arrange items in a manner that every inch of space is utilized well.

6. Have side tables that have drawers or you can even have a trolley act as a side table as it’s also portable and can be moved around easily.

7. Optimizing vertical wall/door space is a game changer when it comes to small apartments. We usually tend to let these spaces go to waste. Organisers for such spaces are easily available these days be it over-the-door hanging rods which can go over main doors or closet doors or baskets that can be hung behind doors or even an organiser that can be hung at the side of a refrigerator.

8. For drawers, it’s a good idea to use trays to store separate category of items.

9. When it comes to your kitchen, use plenty of baskets to categorize and store items. Baskets help contain items within that particular space and with categorisation, all you need to do is pull out the basket which contains that particular category of items. Labelling the baskets can greatly reduce the time you spend in locating items.


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