Brides-to-Be, Practice These 5 Yoga Asanas to Relieve Pre-Wedding Anxiety

Have pre-wedding jitters caught up with you? Incorporate these asanas into your daily routine for stress relief.

Weddings often trigger an amalgamation of emotions—excitement, nervousness, apprehension—and, while you may find yourself on an emotional rollercoaster, take note, the feeling of fear and anxiety will be constants in your journey to the aisle. The many months of wedding prep expectedly induce a deep sense of angst, coupled with the hope that all works out in the end.

And while it's fairly common to experience a blend of emotions before your big day, you may find that it interferes with your overall well-being, while it most certainly shouldn't. "The ancient practice of yoga is known to offer scientifically proven solutions to umpteen problems, both physical and mental. It strengthens the nervous system while also stimulating the lymphatic system, which is responsible for getting rid of toxins from the body," explains Kaavita Das, Founder and Yoga Expert, The Pink Lotus Academia.

Below, she shortlists a few important asanas that can help calm your nerves before D-day—and perhaps, avoid a bridezilla moment.


Sukhasana is a cross-legged, seated position that is one of the most basic asanas in the discipline of yoga. It is a calming pose and is most commonly practised during meditation and pranayama breathing. 

To begin, sit in a comfortable cross-legged position. Push the shoulder blades back so that they move away from your ears. The crown of your head should rise towards the ceiling. Your hands can rest on your lap or your thighs. While inhaling, feel your spine grow longer. While exhaling, feel grounded to the floor. 


The standing forward bend stretches and lengthens your hamstrings and calf muscle. A relaxing, stress-relieving pose, it is said to help relieve insomnia as well.

From the raised hands pose, sweep your arms down on either side of your body to come into a forward fold from your hips. Bring your fingertips in line with your toes and press your palms on the floor. Bend your knees a bit so that they are not locked. Bring your weight forward so that your hips stay over your ankles. Let your head hang. While inhaling, place your hands onto your hips, press your tailbone down, and contract your abdominal muscles as you rise slowly.


The cobra pose increases the mobility of the spine, strengthens your spinal support muscles, and can help relieve back pain. It also works to open up the front of the body, including the chest area.

Place your palms flat on the ground, directly under your shoulders. To begin, look down at your mat with your neck in a neutral position. Inhale and lift your chest off of the floor. Roll your shoulders back and keep your lower ribs towards the ground. Make sure that your elbows continue hugging your sides. Your gaze should stay on the floor.

Setu Bandhasana

As you perform Setu Bandhasana, also known as Bridge Pose, your mind and body will become more alert. This rejuvenating backbend exercise will open up your chest up and maintain the flexibility of your spine.

Lie on the floor, bend your knees and set the heels of your feet as close to the sitting bones. Exhale, pressing your inner feet and arms into the floor and lift the buttocks off of the floor. Keep your thighs and inner feet parallel. Clasp the hands below your pelvis and extend your arms to help stay on the tops of your shoulders. Lift your chin slightly away from the sternum and, firming the shoulder blades against your back, press the top of the sternum toward the chin. Firm the outer arms, broaden the shoulder blades, and try to lift the space between them at the base of the neck, up into the torso. Assume the pose for 30 seconds to 1 minute. Release with an exhalation, rolling the spine down onto the floor.


The corpse pose is essential to perform at the end of every yoga practice. This posture rejuvenates the body, mind, and spirit while reducing stress and tension.

Spread your legs a few feet apart, with the toes turned outwards and the heels facing each other. Place the arms away from the body, palms turned upward. Relax your neck and allow it to turn to the side if required. Close your eyes and focus your attention on the body, breathing normally. Begin focusing on each body part and relaxing it, then moving on to the next. Keep the mind focused on relaxation and ease the whole body.



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