Real Weddings: Never Looking Back

Two years of a stormy relationship and a break-up later, sparks began to fly once again between content creator Meghna Sahijwani and singer Jai Bhattacharya. Hand-in-hand, they vowed to make it work against the odds.


"I Don't Need a Man in My Life to Have Diamonds. I Can Own Them Myself": Sushmita Sen

Jan 02, 2022

In an exclusive with Brides Today, actor Sushmita Sen speaks about her relationship with jewellery and why gifting herself a 22-carat diamond ring has been her greatest investment ever.

6 Luxury Mithai Makers to Watch Out For This Wedding Season

Jan 01, 2022

From gin ladoos to motichoor thandai tarts, Indian sweetmeats have been treated to an au courant update this wedding and festive season. Brides Today speaks to the leading luxury mithai moguls who share their refreshing take on the culinary classics.