11 Reasons Why You Feel Tired All the Time

If You feel extreme fatigue and exhaustion without doing anything, here's how you can fix it

If you constantly feel you are sleep walking through the day with a foggy mind, then you are not alone. Tiredness has been one of the biggest complaints during lockdown confirm physicians. Dr Bela Sharma, Additional Director, Internal Medicine, Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurugram, says, “The most common complaint we hear from people in their 20s and 30s is “I am always so worn-out”.” But if you are wondering since the isolation began you have been at home and not been doing much, then why do you still get fatigued. 

Dr Bela explains, “Fatigue is generally defined as abnormal exhaustion after normal activities and is an extremely common subjective symptom of many physical and mental health conditions. By definition, chronic fatigue lasts for more than six months; chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is the presence of severe chronic fatigue, which is associated with other somatic symptoms.”

She draws up a number of reasons that could be causing fatigue. Identify what’s troubling you and get on to fixing that tiredness.

What we eat or do not eat affects how we feel. The nutritional deficiencies given below can be the culprit most of the time.


Nutritional deficiencies:


Anaemia or low haemoglobin level is a common finding, especially in young women. Low haemoglobin levels may be related to food fads, dietary deficiencies or irregular food habits.

Deficiency of vitamins and minerals

Deficiency of essential minerals and vitamins especially Vitamin B12, D3, calcium, iron and zinc, etc. can cause chronic fatigue.


Lack of adequate water and salt especially during summer months can lead to easy fatigue and feeling of exhaustion.


Sleep Disorder

Many people, who have erratic work hours, find it difficult to get adequate sleep. Irregular and insufficient sleep can result in accumulative fatigue.  


Fatigue, feeling of tiredness, lack of interest, listlessness, can all be signs depression or even underlying anxiety. Get yourself checked if the symptoms persist. 


Thyroid gland is responsible for our metabolism. Any disturbance in the function of thyroid can disturb the overall working of one’s body leading to tiredness. 

The other reasons for fatigue are “caffeine overload, lack of exercise, too much screen time, smoking and alcohol all disturb one’s circadian rhythm leading to tiredness,” adds Dr Bela. 

The Cure

Dr Bela recommends a disciplined life, regular meal times, meditation and exercise, adequate water intake, and at least six to eight hours of sleep for physical and mental well being. “This is especially important for younger people to avoid an early burnout,” she says.


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