How to Wear Sparkly Makeup This Party Season

Gorgeous ways to wear glitter this season 

This party season if you want to add a little sparkle to your makeup, then just getting the products won’t help. Just dabbing on metallic eyeshadow or applying the glitter eye gel or sparkly lip colour could make you look like a walking Christmas tree. You need to know where to draw the line or how to. Deepal Haria, Mumbai-based makeup artist says, “glitter makeup is one of the trickiest beauty phrases. Whether you want to recreate a show-stopping makeup look or you just want to add some subtle sparkle to your face, the difference between an elegant look and one that’s OTT is the proper application technique.”

If you’re thinking about digging out your glitter eyeshadow and lipstick this holiday season, then here are a few tips from Deepal that will come in handy.

1. Apply a primer

When it comes to glitter eyeshadow, primer is a MUST. Not only does it prevent that horrible midday crease from occurring, but it also ensures your eyeshadow will stay put, which is particularly important when you’re applying glitter to your eyes!

2. Apply a light eyeshadow all over your lids

This helps create a smooth and even-colored base to apply your glitter eyeshadow to. "I prefer to use a nude color as my base as I don’t like to detract from my glitter eyeshadow," says Deepal.


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3. Apply glitter eyeshadow directly to your lid.

Start in the inner corner and sweep across your lid, ensuring to apply less product to the outer corner. You want to make sure the glitter is concentrated primarily in the inner corners of your lids to really make your eyes pop.

4. Blend with your finger.

Applying glitter eyeshadow is much easier as there isn't a whole lot of blending required. Simply apply, blend quickly with your fingers, and you are done

5. Add a highlight color to your brow bone

A little highlighter on your brow bone will lift and illuminate your brows.

Bonus tip: "Add an extra pop with eyeliner and mascara. And if you’re feeling daring, get out the fake lashes. They can REALLY pull your glitter eyeshadow look together!" says Deepal.





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