All You Need to Know about the Liquid Hair Trend that has Taken Over the Internet

Here's a shinier and smoother version of glass hair

Kim Kardashian, Dua Lipa and Zendaya have succumbed to this trend and so have many influencers across the globe. Unless you are living under a rock, there’s no way you can miss the glossy, ultra-shiny hair trend or the liquid hair trend inundating IG feeds. Liquid hair is a step further than the viral glass hair. The difference? Liquid hair favours fluid movement with plenty of sheen as it catches the light. 

How do you get the liquid hair look?

We asked celebrity hairstylist Vaishakhi Haria, Loreal India’s Ambassador and founder of Splash The Salon and Mantastic Barbers, to tell us how to get this look.  


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“It is the newest version of hair keratin for flawless frizz free hair which has been a talk of the town in the celebrity world! This is not just an in-salon treatment. It involves a little bit of home care too- using right shampoos and conditioners for starters and then picking a good hydrating mask,” she says.

The first round requires a keratin treatment at the salon by a professional. “The entire process takes about 3 hours and it cuts down the frizz, gives a naturally glossy and ultra smooth texture. It tames the mane,” she explains.

What is the post-treatment maintenance?

Once the treatment is done in-salon, it is absolutely essential to use the home care products recommended by your stylist to make the results last longer and say bye to your hair dryer for 12 weeks. “It includes shampoo, conditioning , hair-gloss oil and straightening at times for the liquidy feel to stay,” adds Vaishakhi.


She also lays out the things you need to keep in mind while getting it done: 

1. If you plan on getting a hair colour, make sure to colour first and then do the treatment.

2. Consult a stylist before getting it done, whether it will really work for your hair or not.

3. Ask all the pros and cons- how much maintenance does it require, any extra care and after how many months will you require to redo the process, what the hair texture looks like after the keratin fades.

4. Many times it doesn’t work for kinky curls or super-thick coarse texture. Make sure to ask the stylist about the end results as it differs from person to person, to avoid disappointments later!


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