Ace Your Festive Look with These Trending Hairstyles

Gearing up for the festive season? We have you covered. You can wear these hairstyles to the virtual parties as well as intimate family get-togethers

The festive season is upon us and we would like to remind you that festivals are mad stressful. Between making sure you check everyone off your list and running through grocery store aisles to get the ingredients for your signature desserts, you might forget the most important thing of all: your hair. How would you wear your hair for the virtual parties and the intimate family get-togethers? To make it simpler for you, we asked Apurva Chaudhari, Schwarzkopf Professional Hair Expert, to share some hairstyles that you can wear to any occasion. Read on and take your pick.

Braided bun

braided bun

Divide your hair into two parts from the sides and make a ponytail out of the remaining hair on the back. Create a bun by twisting the ponytail and wrapping it at the base of the ponytail and secure it with bobby pins. Make two braids out of the hair in the front and pull out a few sections to add volume. Bring the left braid over to the right side, above the bun and secure with a bobby pin. Do the same thing with the braid on the right. You can spray some hair setting spray to finish it off.

2. Side swept elegance

festive hair styles

Prep your hair using Osis+ flatliner, for heat protection. Use a tong machine to add some curls or texture to the hair. Sweep all the hair on one side and secure using hairpins of your choice. Finish off with Session Label Fix to set the hair. 

Pulled out Mermaid braid

festive hair styles


Use an anti-frizz, flexible hair spray to control flyaways. Make a ponytail on the top of the head and braid it into a simple 3 strand braid. Make sure that the braid is not too tight. Take a small section from the front of your hair and twist it. Take an inch of hair and pull out a few strands to add volume. Tuck this twisted piece into the braid and secure with a bobby pin. Repeat the above for the rest of the hair. When done twisting and securing, pinch and pull out any parts of the braids that need texture. After you are satisfied with the result. Cut off the first elastic on top of the head on the braid. Spray Session Label Fix to secure the braid and add Osis+ Sparkler for shine. You can also add hair accessories of your choice. 

Half Halo 

festive hair styles

This is by far the simplest and quickest hairstyle that can be done for any occasion. Prep the hair by spraying Session Label Flex to control flyways. Take a section from the left side of the hair and create a braid. Pinch and pull the braid to add volume and thickness and secure with an elastic. Make another similar braid on the right side.  Bring the braids to the back of the head and overlap them with each other and secure with bobby pins, making them look like a half halo.


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