5 Celebrity-Inspired Wedding Hairstyles That Are Easy Enough to Do on Your Own

Does your bridal checklist run longer than expected? A simple, fuss-free hairdo is your best bet to save time—and perhaps, money.

As you navigate the complexities of planning a wedding—décor, guest list, photography, and so on—perhaps, take a moment to recentre yourself. Remember: your time is money, and in order to save both, you could always take matters into your own hands. Styling your hair on your big day may seem a daunting task at first, though a quick, elegant, and easy-to-do hairdo fits the bill. 

To show you the ropes, Brides Today got in touch with celebrity hairstylist Amit Thakur, who shares his favourite star hairstyles to sport at a summer soirée.

A Textured Low Ponytail

Perfect for a mehndi or haldi function, a low, textured ponytail is ideal if you're looking to keep wispy hairs away from your face. 

How To: Begin by curling or tonging the strands in the front. If you desire a cleaner, neater appeal, make a centre parting—you could place your maang tikka here. Pull your hair back and tie it into a low ponytail. Next, tong the ponytail with the help of a curling iron and back-comb the pony while spritzing setting spray. 

A Textured Knot

A versatile, fuss-free hairdo that'll allow for ample movement, adorn a textured knot for your nuptials this summer. The contemporary look will pair perfectly with your ethnic and Indo-western ensembles, and is fairly simple to do by oneself. 

How To: As in a textured ponytail, tong or curl your front strands. Pull the hair back into a ponytail—where you wish the knot to be—then, twist and pin it with U-shaped pins. To frame your face, pull out a few curled strands and spray them in place. 

Centre-Parted Straight Hair 

A classic centre-parted hairdo lends the perfect blend between comfort and chic. It has a longer life in terms of hairstyle, and is perfect for nuptials planned during the hotter, more humid months of the year. A can't-go-wrong-with style that pretty much looks good with anything that you wear—it also offers shadows to your face for a naturally contoured appeal.

How To: Blow dry your hair and run the strands through a hot iron for a poker-straight look. Ensure that you use a heat protectant serum or spray beforehand.

Sleek, Centre-Parted Bun

A sleek, centre-parted bun is sure to last you the entire day! The hairdo puts your best features under the spotlight, and allows for the elegant addition of fresh flowers. 

How To: Assume a sharp centre-parting with the help of water or hair spray. Brush the hair back into a ponytail, and twist and pin it up with a few U pins. Upgrade your bridal bun with a gilded headpiece, fresh flowers, or statement-making hair brooches. 

Sleek, High Ponytail

A sharp, celebrity red-carpet-friendly look, a sleek, high ponytail is as glamorous as it is easy. Don your hair up for a cocktail night, and dance away, ensuring that your mane doesn't come in the way. 

How To: Start by applying hair spray to your roots and strands. Slick the hair up with a paddle brush—or a Mason Pearson brush—and draw a tight ponytail, cleaning up the wispy baby hair along the edges. Iron out the ponytail to make it appear sleeker, and elevate your mane with a dollop of shine serum. 


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