How to Keep Your Diamonds Sparkling All Year Long

Has your engagement ring lost its lustre? We spoke to two jewellers who share advice on how to clean and care for your diamond solitaires.

Whoever said, "Diamonds are a girl's best friend," was speaking nothing but the truth! Sparkling in all its glory, a diamond is one of the most precious stones owing to its rarity and mysterious allure. A symbol of clarity, strength, and elegance, purchasing opulent diamond jewellery comes with the promise to care for it, clean it, and store it efficiently. 

And, while you may love the monsoon season—oh, you romantics—your jewellery certainly doesn't. The exceeding moisture and humidity levels that are characteristic of this season often hamper the sparkle of your gems! You may notice that your sparkling diamonds have lost their sheen, hence, demanding that extra dose of TLC to recover the season's wrath. 

To make sure that your diamonds were worth the splurge, Brides Today spoke to two renowned jewellers who share advice on how to protect, clean and care for your precious jewels. 

Clean Your Stones Regularly

Humidity-induced moisture poses to be one of the primary deterrents that can hamper your diamond jewellery. Plus, the impurities in rainwater may leave harmful sediments on your stones, making them seem dull. Hence, regular cleaning is recommended to retain their inherent shine and sparkle. Jewellery experts at Forevermark suggest that you use a selvet cloth to clean them or soak them in soap and water to preserve their lustre. You could also use a toothbrush or any other small brush to get rid of the dirt nestled in the undersides and grooves of the accessory. Once washed, lay them on a soft towel to air dry. 

Keep Them Away From Chemicals

The chemicals present in your perfume, deodorant, makeup, and setting spray can adversely affect the beauty of precious stones, causing them to quickly lose their sheen. Make sure that you adorn your jewels at the end, post your hair, makeup, and dressing routine. Ladies, spritz on after you put it on! 

Store Them Properly

The easiest way to ensure that your diamonds do not get scratched—or lose their newness—is by storing them in separate pouches rather than bundling them up in one box. "Use a hard-case box with a soft lining to avoid any breakage or scratches. Better still, place them in separate zip pouches or wrap them individually in soft muslin cloth," says a source at Forevermark.

An expert from Jindal Jewellers adds, "Avoid storing your jewellery if wet due to the rains. The rainwater may deposit hard muddy water in the prong crevices. So, before storing, soak your jewels in warm, soapy water for up to 30 minutes, and use the bristles of a toothbrush to clean them. Either pat dry with a soft microfiber cloth or use a blow dryer on a slow setting to dry more quickly."

Handle With Care

It goes without saying that these precious stones need to be handled with utmost care. Avoid touching your diamond jewellery with your fingers so that a smudge mark isn't left on the sparkling stone. When you take off your diamond ring, make sure that you place it rock-side up so that the stone setting doesn’t get loose. 




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